Property Tax Experts

Innovative Solutions with a Legacy of Results

Assessment Technologies has been providing exceptional service and optimal strategies for active property tax management since 1986.

We offer property tax consulting, appeals, and litigation support. Our property tax protesting experts focus on maximizing property tax reductions by meticulously analyzing various factors, applying all allowable property tax exemptions, utilizing market data, and understanding each asset’s unique characteristics and local market knowledge.


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Save money on your property taxes

Meet your goals with tax experts who turn consulting into a science. Stay ahead of property tax regulations and governing authorities with a tech-savvy boutique firm specializing in commercial property tax representation. 

What Makes Us Different

We turn property tax management into a team sport. Our research, business development, and client relations specialists join forces to ensure our clients are only paying their fair share.

Partner with Assessment Technologies; we’re on a mission to boost your bottom line by controlling unfair taxes and delivering tailored solutions to your property tax. We blend cutting-edge tech with our collective expertise to master complex local, state, and federal property taxing authorities – maximizing the benefits for our clients.



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Advanced Technology

Our name shows dedication to advanced technology. We embrace new tools to present the optimal case to the property tax authorities.

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We Invest In Your Success

Join forces with us to reduce your property taxes. We invest significant time and capital resources in order to get you the best possible assessment and tax savings.

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Property Tax Experts

Our team has decades of experience and is deeply involved in the property tax industry. We prioritize ongoing education and continuously improve client service.

Customized Commercial Property Tax
Management Solutions.

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Tax Compliance

Manage annual tax renditions and returns and collect and verify your yearly tax bills.

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Pre-Acquisition Reports

Gain valuable insights into the property’s tax liabilities before you craft your final offer. 

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Get personalized and strategic solutions for active property tax management.

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Budgets & Accruals

Manage and plan commercial property tax obligations for budgeting and timely tax payments.

We are here to help you every step of the way, from the pre-acquisition process to commercial property tax management for years to come. Not only will we help you make the best decision, but we’ll also help you continue making the best investment decisions in the future with our comprehensive scope of services.