Customized Commercial Property Tax Management Solutions

Founded in 1986, Assessment Technologies is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and serves clients in all 50 states. We currently represent more than $23 billion of real and business personal property nationwide.





Pre-Acquisition Services

Our pre-acquisition services are designed to specifically provide you with comprehensive information about the property’s tax history as well as future tax estimates so that you’ll have an honest overview of what you can expect property taxes for the property to run in the future. No matter whether you’re considering purchasing new properties for your personal investment or to expand your company, we can assist you in making the right decision. Our pre-acquisition analysis will provide you with the broad knowledge of the property that you need to make a sound decision. Property investors spend a significant amount of time on the financing and planning of the new property acquisition. We can help make this part of the process easier for you by doing the work for you. Alternatively, if you’ve already conducted an assessment of the property, we can check it for you using our unique valuation methods to help you determine whether your figures and expectations are accurate.

Asset Valuation

Experienced investors and commercial property owners know that there is much more to investing in a property than the initial upfront purchase price. They know that the property will be subject to property taxes every year and that numerous factors can affect the amount that their property taxes will be in years to come. Examples of the most common assets that can cause the value of the property to be higher are if it has solar panels, any agricultural activity that is used to make a profit, recent home renovations and much more.  Our experts at Assessment Technologies conduct a comprehensive assessment of the property that you’re considering investing in to ensure that we provide you with the most accurate prediction of property’s future property tax expectations. Not only that, we also provide you with reports that show how we valued everything and came to the conclusion that we did as well as the previous tax history of the property.


We are here to help you every step of the way, from the pre-acquisition process to commercial property tax management for years to come. Not only will we help you make the best decision, but we’ll also help you continue making the best investment decisions in the future with our comprehensive scope of services.

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Assessment Technologies works with you and your team to meet your commercial property tax goals. 

In both Real & Personal Property, Assessment Technologies worked with 10 of their Texas-based properties. We were able to reduce Costco’s property value by $86,427,474 saving the company a Total Tax Savings over 5 years = $2,392,730.

Costco, Retail Warehouses

Achieved reductions on 12 San Antonio properties with a Total Reduction of $38,288,091,  Total Tax Savings of $972,004 in just one year!

Methodist Hospitals, Health Care Property

Dial Equities had 10 apartment properties in 6 states. Assessment Technologies represented their interest across the country to get them a Total Reduction of $14,014,216; Total Tax Savings of $258,736

Dial Equities, Multi-Tenant Property

Assessment Technologies, working only with Edgemere Retirement which is a retirement community operating in 4 states across the country. ReducedReal Property initially from $85M to $60M, then from $60M to $47M through Litigation – Total reductions over 3 years = $70,149,710; Total Tax Savings over 3 years = $2,035,997!

Edgemere Retirement , Multi-Tenant Property