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Business personal property and inventory taxes

Our Business Personal Property Practice team has over 100 years of collective experience and extensive market knowledge in this area of taxation. We employ an aggressive approach for reducing tax liabilities and maximizing asset values.

We save you tremendous amounts of time by expertly filing returns that adhere to the local jurisdictional requirements. We save you money by analyzing and asserting market-based valuations in those return filings.

We work with the following asset categories:




Leasehold Improvements




Business Personal Property Tax Services

Inventory is part of your BPP tax.

We have found that there are significant variants compared to the book value and the market value most tax assessors use when calculating business tangible property tax which we most commonly refer to here at Assessment Technologies as Business Personal Property Tax (BPP). Not all tax advocates approach property value assessment the same. Our team prides itself on going past the initial layers of negations and get you the most accurate value for your business in your industry.

In addition to business property tax, our teams are experts at getting you the most accurate valuation of your Business Personal Property Tax (BPP) or Business Tangible Personal Property Tax (TPP). The majority of US states include inventory as part of their BPP tax.

Our Process
Business Personal Property Tax analysis is sophisticated, and we take the time to understand all aspects of your property and industry. The first step is the learning process where we gain a deep understanding of the unique issues impacting the market value of the business personal property. Then, we use our proprietary technology, and a methodical process enables our experts to justify the ideal liability. Tax valuation of these properties is a complicated process involving a wide array of issues impacting your assessment while creating opportunities for your company. Our appraisal advocates are educated in the latest evaluation techniques and are equipped with the tools to challenge local tax assessors at every administrative level. We turn over every stone to uncover the most favorable tax position for you and your business.
Assessment Appeals
For many types of personal property, market, book, and comptroller values on Business Personal Property Tax can vary significantly, as much as 70 percent in some cases. These variances are why it is critical to assess your BPP value correctly and if needed, to protest your business personal property values each year. Assessment Technologies experts will research and gather information about your personal property items to determine whether or not your initial property assessment was at its fair market value. Then, they will initiate the appeals process if they can find evidence supporting your claim. The benefits of using consistently successful professionals like the ones at Assessment Technologies is that they have proven results.

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