Customized Commercial Property Tax Management Solutions

Many companies are unaware of the inaccuracy of their property tax assessments resulting in higher tax burdens.
Get the peace of mind by contacting our team to appeal your property values.

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Our Clients Pay Only Their Fair Share

Our business property tax experts research and gather your property information to determine if you are being assessed at fair market value. We are the trailblazers in our unique valuation approach to analyzing the market value and trends of the subject property. If we believe the property is being incorrectly valued, we will establish a target value and appeal the assessment.

Our Process

From the first engagement to the last, we are there to walk with you and your team through the process.

1. A thorough review of the property assessment

Because of the various complexities of assessing business property taxes, tax assessors try to standardize their assessments to streamline the process for their internal needs and efficiencies.

2. Check any exemptions

Sounds simple, but for those that don’t practice this on a grand scale, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the available exemptions.

3. Prepare the property tax appeal

We start by following the standard process to appeal your property taxes. If required, we will prepare and present your case to an independent local appeals board for review. Then, we will escalate the case and formally appeal your property tax assessment to a state board.

We have the professional negotiation skills needed to help you secure a favorable settlement and win your property tax appeal.

Founded in 1986, Assessment Technologies is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and serves clients in all 50 states.
We currently represent more than $23 billion of real and business personal property nationwide.

Our team of experts will: 

  • Combine accounting, appraisal, and engineering disciplines.
  • Integrate these disciplines with our team’s experience.
  • Produce a more in-depth property analysis and tax protest.

Our unique, cross-functional team approach enables us to achieve the greatest tax savings possible for you.