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We take the time to learn your business and your specific needs so we can exceed your goals

How We Start

Our business property tax experts research and gather your property information to determine if you are being assessed at fair market value. We are the trailblazers in our unique valuation approach to analyzing the market value and trends of the subject property. If we believe the property is being incorrectly valued, we will establish a target value and appeal the assessment.

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The Property Tax Appeal Team

The business property tax team at Assessment Technologies are highly skilled professionals who possess uncommon knowledge of tax codes and the various methods for assessing the proper property tax liability for any business. They are responsible for preparing the tax appeal and ensuring that all required documentation is provided.

With their insiders’ knowledge, dedication to service and a full menu of offered services, our appeal teams are second-to-none in the industry. Our turnkey services include everything our clients need to see them through the appraisal and appeal process. Using proprietary software and methods, our tax appeal team has all of the tools they need to get the job done.

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Industrial Property Tax Services

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Our Process

From the first engagement to the last, we are there to walk with you and your team through the process. Our business property tax experts intricately know all the stages of the process and will only engage with you when we need important information.

1. Thorough review the property assessment

Because of the various complexities of assessing business property taxes, tax assessors try to standardize their assessments to streamline the process for their internal needs and efficiencies.  This means that they will likely miss the various unique details of your business and property when assessing the tax.  We use our state of the art tools and expert analysis to compare your property with similar ones in your market and then adjust the value based on the unique characteristics of your specific property.

2. Check any exemptions

Sounds simple, but for those that don’t practice this on a grand scale, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the available exemptions. For example, specific groups of people might be entitled to tax exemptions that others aren’t. Our team is immersed in the industry across the country and are ready to check all possible exemptions.

3. Prepare the property tax appeal

Depending on your state and taxing jurisdiction, we follow the standard process to appeal your property taxes. In many cases, we start with preparing your case for the tax assessor in your area where it is possible to settle the matter informally. If the resolution from the assessor’s office is unsatisfactory, we will prepare and present your case to an independent local appeals board for review. Then, we can prepare to escalate the case and formally appeal your property tax assessment to a state board.

Assessments Technologies can simplify the process for you and help you ensure that it’s carried out properly. By hiring a professional, you can ensure that all the information gathered and documentation submitted will be accurate. Our property tax experts have the negotiation skills needed to help you secure a favorable settlement and win your property tax appeal.